South African Accounting Services

South African to Australian Accounting Services

Are you a “Saffer” living down under? Still have investments or property or interests in South Africa? We can help.

Our Director Gillian Nathan is both a South African and an Aussie Certified Accountant and a fully registered tax practitioner. Having worked for the South African Revenue Services (SARS) for 4 years, as well as gaining extensive experience in International Taxation and treaty applications while working as a Tax Manager at KPMG, Gillian is expert in a number of different areas including: determination of residency, applying the taxing rights contained within the articles of the double taxation agreements, establishing the place of effective management or the existence of permanent establishments.

How we can help


  • Filing returns in both South Africa and Australia, We ensuring that any taxes you pay  in either or both countries are correct, and there is no double taxation or duplication of income. 

Advice & Consultation

  • Determination of residency 
  • Place of effective management
  • Permanent establishments
  • Taxing rights
  • Managing sources of income