International Accounting Services

International Accounting Experts

We know what to do because we do it ourselves.

While expanding your business by seeing opportunities overseas can be a very smart move, an efficient tax structure is one of the keys to international success. It is also vital to have a team that understands exactly what you will be exposed to and exactly how to avoid becoming entangled in the complex web of international taxes and pitfalls.

At Simple Solutions we are international. Our Director, Gillian Nathan, has a Masters degree in International Tax, and a strong background in International Tax having spent four years working in the International Tax division at the South African Revenue Services, a year at KPMG International Tax Division. GIllian has experience in negotiating terms of double tax treaties, and been contributing speaker at the OCED conference in Vienna. 

How we can help

Business Services

  • Transfer pricing manual preparation and advice
  • Inbound/outbound business structuring
  • Advising on capitalising, withholding tax, double tax agreement applications
  • Issues of permanent establishments
  • Applications of GST to international arrangements
  • Thin capitalisation rules
  • Establishment of residence through the place of effective management

Personal Services

“Expatriate tax” (or personal international tax) covers tax issues that happen when individuals people move around the world.  Of course, this applies to individuals living and working in Australia but also having interests elsewhere in the world (think rental property or investments in their home country), or Australian residents taking a working holiday or being seconded to work outside Australia. This is when issues with residency and double taxation can come into play.